Arrive When You Arrive

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, June 22, 2017 edition: Arrive When You Arrive

Have you ever heard the suggestion that rather than say, “I’m sorry I was late,” that you might say, “Thank you for waiting for me.” Sometimes we are taught to apologize for almost everything (which may ring true more for women than men in current American culture) but I have always appreciated this alternate look at thanking someone else for having patience for my schedule.

Thank you all for your patience for these Daily Posts.

I was driving up to an event in the mountains today, and as I spent considerable time in traffic, I kept thinking of the phrase, “I will be there when I arrive.” This is something I have been trying to teach myself, as I navigate the heavy traffic in Los Angeles for the past several decades. I could plan better, I could be angry that the traffic has delayed me, or I could be frustrated and disappointed in myself. In the moment, I try to spend more time acknowledging that these are just the circumstances of my drive this time.

Why am I talking about being late? Have you ever been frustrated with your progress with exercise, activity, or movement? Maybe it’s time to have patience with yourself. Maybe instead of being frustrated, you could acknowledge that you will arrive when you arrive, and maybe even say thank you for your own patience for your own progress.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?