Balancing things on our heads

Daily Movement Prompt for Sunday November 27: Balancing things on our heads

There are so many different reasons to practice balancing things on our heads. (1) It helps you be aware of your head posture and isolating movement underneath a steady head. (2) It can help you recognize separating one movement from another. (3) There are several dance props that you might want to try in the future. (4) For practical reasons, you never know when you might need to carry something on your head while keeping your hands free for something else.

Something easy to try: Place a bag of zills or a single zill on your head. With or without music, try some Arabics. Try some Shimmies. Try some Pivot Bumps. Try some Egyptians. Try sitting in a chair, then standing up again.

Want something more challenging? Find a basket, balance that on your head. Or really out there: Balance a sword on your head (or something that seems to approximate a sword). Are you hoping to balance a sword later? Take that as some motivate to practice a few dance moves with just your zills on your head. Or play zills and dance and balance a basket at the same time.

There are so many fun things you can do with dance. I hope you’ll give balancing practices a try. Maybe try it tonight and post about the experience?