Be You

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday September 9, 2017 edition: Be You

It’s Saturday. What does that mean for you? Are you scheduled for some activity that is old hat? Comfortable and relaxing? Are you headed out for a challenge? Something new or an effort for a new personal best? Are you taking a break, to ensure that your injuries have time to heal? Are you recognizing you need time off for recovery from an illness?

Did you wake up on Saturday excited for your movement and activities? Are you feel frustrated or daunted? Could you use some encouragement? Are you brimming with happiness and pride in your accomplishments? Are you feeling unsure or tentative? Are you looking for ideas and motivation? Are you bored? Are you overwhelmed? Are you bouncing and feeling shiny?

Guess what? No matter how your Saturday looks, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTHY of love and affection and friendship and encouragement. Just by being YOU.

GO BE YOU. We’ll be here cheering you on, and also being us. Feel free to share a bit and cheer and encourage a bit. It’s something we really like about you. 💛💚💙💜