Chore or Relief

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, April 11, 2017 edition: Chore or Relief

There are times when stopping to exercise, rehearse, or workout feels like a chore. Other times it is a relief, especially on tough days, in times of stress, or days when I need to get away. I am either frustrated about stopping what I was doing or I am overjoyed I can stop what’s going on.

How has movement been for you lately? Is it a reluctant chore to you? Is it an oasis when you can get away? Does it start out as a chore and end up providing relief?

Have you been struggling with lack of movement? What would make things better? Recovery from injury or illness? Space to move in? Time set aside for your goals? Any combination of these?

What have you been successful at lately? What have you overcome or appreciated?

Know that you’re not alone.