Chores and Errands

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday February 20, 2017 edition: Chores and Errands

Several times, some people have mentioned when their movement plans for the day were lists of chores and/or errands. How have you thought about household chores as intentional movement?

We have a staircase from the house to the carport, so anytime I do laundry or organize my car, there are flights of stairs to walk. When I do major decluttering, I know there are boxes to lift and sometimes carry and move around. And when running errands, I have the opportunity to walk further in a parking lot, or sometimes take stairs (if I have a good knee day). These efforts definitely fill a good portion of my daily energy, and it is easy to feel good about breaking a sweat, working around my house.

How about you? Do you feel accomplished doing chores as movement? Do you plan for the energy needed for some efforts?

How did you move today? How are feeling about your movement or your rest and recovery?