Dance Drills for Arms

Daily Movement Prompt, Monday October 31 edition:

I will admit, my legs are exhausted today. Between some wonderful fun in the studio and heading to the Park for a Día de los Muertos festival and then navigating mud and rain at the end of the festival, there’s just more fatigue than usual for a Monday. So today, I plan to do some Arm Work. Would you like to join me?

My suggestion: Put on a favorite song of yours. It can be slow or fast, just something you enjoy. You can stand in good posture *OR* sit on the edge of a chair (with good torso posture and your feet flat on the ground). Be sure to add a bit of that “dance angle” spiral to your torso. Try practicing your Arm Undulations, Arm Floreos (both overhead and moving to the midline as well as Sweeps). The goal is to build good arm and hand awareness, smooth motions, and stamina.

Not sure what song to choose? Here’s one option: “Detni Essekra” by Khaled from the album “Sahra.” You may know this one from class as the “bar is closing at 2 AM” song I love to end with some weeks.

Let me know how your Movement goes today. Let us cheer you on! And if today is a Rest and Recovery day, that’s important too!