Dance Drills with Freeze Frame

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, November 12 edition:

It’s very late in the day, but even when it’s late, you can still get some movement in for the day.

Have you done a freeze-frame kind of game yet? There’s a thing going around lately called “Mannequin” where you dance, the music ends, you freeze, then someone walks around filming everyone frozen like a mannequin.

You can work on your arm strength and stamina with something similar. You could put on music and hold a pose for as long as possible, move, and reset for a held pose again. This can also be an excellent way to get to know some music better, by practicing to it regularly.

Some music you might enjoy: The song is called “Heeme” and is by Etran Finatawa.

Let me know how this drill works for you.