Follow Through

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, June 3, 2017 edition: Follow Through

Yesterday, I suggested that you could select a goal to focus on. You might have a drill or practice that could use some repetition. Or you might have some stretches or therapy exercises to help you on recovery. Or you might have a new interest that you’d like to pursue, or a habit to develop. Once you’ve thought about an overall interest and selected a single-focus goal, how do you start establishing your follow-through?

What steps can you take today to feel like you’ve accomplished the movement you set out to do? Is it time to put the house on pause and go do that dance drill? Can you set aside stretching time before bed? Have you set an alarm for the morning routine you might prefer? Could you use a break from errands or work or projects, to stretch and workout?

What follow-through can you do today or tomorrow? How did you move your body today?