Great Days

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, March 12, 2017: Great Days

What do the awesome days look like for you? When you hit your marks, accomplished your movement activities, made the grade… What is it like when you say, “THAT was excellent.”

I had an excellent day today. It makes me think about *what* made it awesome? Some of it was shared fun. I enjoy when my dancing includes other people dancing and *they* enjoy it too. Some of it was good movement within my body limitations. Sure, my left knee is still an issue. But during dance, I felt myself keeping track of how my body was responding​. After driving later, my tired muscles felt like *good* tired, that feeling like I treated my body properly. And now resting at the end of my day, I like the level of tired blended with accomplishment that I feel.

How does a great day look for you? And how did you move today? Or was today and excellent day for rest?