In the Spotlight

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, July 21, 2017 edition: In the Spotlight


Stages and spotlights have VERY different connotations to different people. If you are wildly uncomfortable on a stage or under a spotlight, I would like to suggest that we flip the imagery for a moment. Rather than other people looking at you, imagine that this empty stage is a private stage. This private moment is about when you look at your own mind and your own thoughts. What happens when you place your own thoughts in the spotlight for yourself?

Are you someone who thinks about your thoughts? Do you examine and re-examine what your goals look like and how you can get there? Or is this a new habit for you?

What do you want to accomplish with your movement choices? Are you building strength? Are you finding peace? Are you working on a competition? Are you looking for medical improvements? Are you looking for fun? Are you building community?

There are so many different elements that can feed our motivation. And if you have committed to motivations that have nothing to do with scales or body size, these are new spotlights. It can be a struggle to get out from under old judgemental thoughts and pressures.

As you choose your movement, may I suggest that you also give yourself a little cheer? I would love to see the whole world start to encourage and reward thoughtful planning for movement choices. How will you move?