Incremental Improvements

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, December 8, 2016 edition: Incremental Improvements

I’ve heard people talk about “building stamina.” How do you practically do that?

If you set a goal like “run a marathon,” there are books about how to break that down into incremental training segments. If you set a goal like “deadlift my body weight,” again there are trainers who are ready to supply a schedule for starting at your current baseline and working toward your current goals.

What are your current Big Goals?

  • Dancers: Are you hoping to last for a 3-song set? A 20-minute gig? A one-hour Flow class? How will you get there? What pace on the daily and weekly level will help you hit that goal?
  • Runners and Walkers: What are your current goals?
  • Swimmers, Hikers, Climbers: How do you assess your current skills and work toward your next achievements?
  • Yoga Practioners: Is there a pose that you’re work on specifically? Are there stretches you are practicing?
  • And if you’re recovering from injuries or inactivity, what are your current goals? Climbing stairs? Putting your heels down as you walk? Losing your limp? Are your goals about Pain Management?

You have THIS Body, on THIS Day. What are your plans today?