Internal and External Prompts and Responses

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, February 4, 2017 edition: Internal and External Prompts and Responses

Whether someone says to you or you tell yourself any of these things, which responses do you tend to have? (1) Let’s go do that Activity (pick a movement or exercise or pursuit). No, I don’t wanna. (2) Let’s go do that… I can’t because time/space/access. (3) Let’s go do that… Fine, but only a little. (4) Let’s go do that… Naw, let’s do something different. (5) Let’s go do that… Oh, thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot. (6) Let’s go do that… Ooo! Great idea! (7) Let’s go do that… Dude, where ya been? Done already. Booyah!

I catch myself sometimes in the “I don’t wanna” stage and have been learning how to accept that as a perfectly reasonable answer sometimes. I don’t have to let myself be pressured, and certainly won’t be shamed for owning my choices. Sometimes I catch myself in the “I can’t because…” and I start looking for solutions. No access to a gym? What can I do with YouTube and household items? Need space? What can I clear room for or borrow?

I love when I notice “Fine, but just a little” or “Naw, let’s do something different” as my responses. Because I feel like I can celebrate the accomplishments I choose. I also love reminders, and I have been finding success with calendar appointments and alarms or notifications on my phone. And I definitely like feeling smug with my inner voices when my responses are “Yeah! Let’s go!” and “Done already!”

How do you respond to the call for movement or exercise or activities? How do you feel about those responses?

How will you move today? Or how will you rest and recover? How can this group cheer you on today?