Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, September 1, 2017: Intersections

We rarely think too much about this, but the key difference between cloth and threads are the intersections between all the threads. You could take a pile of thread and leave it in a pile, but you only have lots of threads with no relationship to one another… except for the snarls and accidental knots that might happen. But cloth happens when every thread has an intentional path that intersects with a whole bunch of other threads with some repetition and patterning.

Any of my individual movements–walking around the office building on a break, lifting grocery bags from the car and putting them away, running after the toddler who is headed into traffic–these are the individual threads of my movements. And when I have specific goals in mind–improved stamina, increased flexibility, new skills in dance or yoga or rock-climbing or swimming–then I need to plan out repetitions and patterns to my movement.

What goals are you interested in patterning and repeating? What movement today will help you build that cloth, that goal? What individual threads can you gather together in your own movement activities?