Long-streak, Short-streak

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, February 21, 2017 edition: Long-streak, Short-streak

Every now and then, I’m tempted to look at “how many days has it been this year?” or “which numbered week are we on?” because sometimes I am facinated by activity that can be tracked over a long streak of time. There’s a friend of mine that posts on her own Facebook each day, keeping track of the activity and movement and exercise she’s done for the day. Her most recent post starts out, “Day 657.” Wow.

But then again, I have to remind myself not to pressure myself about “breaking” any streak for any movement, and to take each day as its own gift. Plus, the streak is less important for my own needs than the ability to decide how each day will be used.

Are you motivated by successive days in a row for your activity? Are records of a streak helpful? Or are they tough for you? Do they remind you of pressure that you’re trying to leave behind?

How will you move today? Or how will you celebrate your choice for rest and recovery?