Month of June

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, June 2, 2017 edition: Month of June

Let’s try something. What would you like to try in the month of June? Would you like more consistency in a practice? If you started an online course or a yoga routine or a new kata or a new dance drill or a new swim stroke or a new climbing pattern or… Is there something you’d like to work on for the next month?

Your first prompt is to think of ONE simple goal for the month. It could be within your current movement habits. It could be a new habit. It could be a stretch goal. Pick one thing.

Now: How can you set yourself up for success for just that goal tomorrow? Do you need to rest and recover for your goals? Do your Physical Therapy exercises? Create a calendar where you can check off your progress?

Pick ONE simple goal for June. And if talking about helps you, please feel free to share. If staying private works best for you, please be encouraged.

Let’s support ourselves and one another to use this month with some intention and mindfulness in our movement. Go you!

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