Moving Those Feet

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, June 5, 2017 edition: Moving Those Feet

If you set your goal, you might already know what is on the schedule for today. What encouragement do you need to do what you already want to be doing? And if you haven’t set some goals yet, what encouragement would get you up and making decisions about your movement?

These seem so obvious—you either have a plan already or you haven’t made your plan yet—but the simple things are rarely the easy things, right? Simple is not the same as Easy. You might simply *want* to get moving, to build your habits, to embark on that grand effort to “climb Mt. Everest,” but your day to day life is still in place. You didn’t get here in your life, having sprung full-grown from Zeus’ brow. (Unless you are Athena. In which case, rock on sistah. You go on being awesome as the Goddess of Wisdom that you are.)

So, since I’m not Athena, I have to earn my full-grown status one step at a time. And yes, I need to sit down and rest on occasion. But I still have a path in front of me, and I will need to get up and walk down this path further if I really want to get to that next goal.

These feet aren’t just going to move themselves. Today I need to move my feet.