Non-weight, Non-size, or Non-shame Goals

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday January 1, 2017 edition:

Small rant from me this morning: It’s up to you if you want to care about body size or weight. I won’t tell you that you cannot, because that goes against my “You make YOUR Choices” mantra.

But I would like to suggest that body size and weight is an arbitrary marker and there could be other markers for success and goals and habits. You could choose things like Stamina, Strength, or Flexibility. You could choose specific Skills or Achievements.

Here are various examples that could be relevant to some of you: Dance for 20 minutes straight, no stopping. Run for 3 miles, no walking. Bench press my body weight. Be able to do splits on both sides. Be able to rock-climb a specific wall. Dance a specific step or style. Achieve a specific yoga pose. Complete 1000 miles of walking in a year. Do a Century bike ride. Establish a routine of mindful stretching six days per week. Establish a habit of standing up after 60 minutes in a chair at work or my craft bench. Embrace this time of healing and do my PT exercises faithfully as often as I can. Roll out of bed even when I don’t want to, and do my best without beating myself up.

What non-weight, non-size, or non-shame goals are YOUR desire?