Notetaking for Learning

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, February 2, 2017 editing: Notetaking for Learning
Have you thought about your learning styles? Do you learn better by watching? Listening? By Feel (kinesthetic)? Do you have more memory connections when you write things down?
I have very fond memories of making and using flashcards at different times in my life. The very *ACT* of writing triggers one level of learning for me. Then using the flashcards accesses my visual learning. Saying outloud what I read on a card reinforces my audio learning. And for many people, it’s that hand-eye coordination of turning thoughts to words on paper that really cements the memory.
What movement do you participate in that could benefit from taking notes? Dancers might write down Choreography. Anyone working with a personal trainer might make notes about technique, goals, or workout routines. What note taking have you done that really helped you? Have you reviewed any of your notes lately?
How do you plan to move today? Is today a rest and recovery day?