Not So Shiny

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, January 29, 2018 – Not So Shiny

What keeps you from moving? What keeps you held back? Some of us, it’s the sense that we’re not “ready” to go work out or exercise or move. Today, it’s knees. Tomorrow, it’s lower back. Next week, it’s laundry. Last week, it was the flu.

Okay, in all reality, you do need to know how to rest and recover when you have injuries or illness. And yes, sometimes your obligations in life make it really quite challenging, some days near impossible, to add *anything* else to your thoughtful movements.

But what if you just started to move even within your current limitations? If you sat up in bed, have you considered “sitting up twice” in bed to engage your abs? Honestly, some days all I seem to have in me is to perch on the edge of the bed, get prepared to pull on some clothing, and then remember, “Hey, I could lie back on the bed and sit up again. That’s a sit up.” And I might even have the strength to do five or ten “edge of the bed sit ups.”

These efforts matter. They count. You really can take your “not so shiny” parts and still move them with intention.

Which part of your body is feeling not so shiny lately? Can you make an intentional movement happen today for yourself?

Fresh Starts

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, January 25, 2018 edition: Fresh Starts

It’s never too late to decide, “you know what? Today’s my day.” Today’s the day I’ll call someone I love. Today’s the day I’ll empty the trash can. Today’s the day I’ll open that box that’s been gathering dust. Today’s the day I’ll try a new dance move. Today’s the day I’ll study a few words in a new language. Today’s the day I’ll look for a class or a mentor or a book or…

Any fresh start that you need. Any fresh start that you’ve been nervous about. Any fresh start that could bring a smile to your face.

Why? Because you *do* have today. And no one ever has a promise for tomorrow. So I like to plan to live forever and seize today as if it’s the only day I have left. Because each day matters. You matter.

By the way? In case you were wondering, I’ve missed writing to you all. Each day matters. #MovementPrompts

Video: Fire N Gold – Fit Fatties

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, December 14, 2017 edition:

Today I offer a video that includes photos from a forum that I participate in called “Fit Fatties.” The idea is that, as it says at the end of the video: “Nobody is obligated to participate in fitness but Every Body should be welcome.”

You don’t owe anyone movement or health or… But if you WANT to participate in a movement form or activity, you should do so to the ability that you’re interested in doing.

– (My photo shows up at 1:26)

What’s Next?

Daily Movement Prompt, Saturday November 18:

Moving, moving, moving.
Resting, resting, resting.
Planning, planning, planning.
Thinking, thinking, thinking.

Thinking, planning, moving, resting.

What’s in store for you today?

P.S. Hi there. I’ve missed you. Sorry I was away for so long. Feels good to be back. #MovementPrompts

Body and Heart

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, October 2, 2017 edition: Body and Heart

Some days, the feelings that fill your heart can make you want to curl up in the body. Other times, it’s hard to even know when or how to move your body again, when the heart is broken or overflowing. Other times, there could be rage and frustration. There are days when this will prompt the body to move as a coping mechanism, an outlet for the passionate feelings. Yet other days, the heart could be numb. There could be no feelings left, no body response, no methods for coping.

No matter where your heart is today, no matter how your body is responding today, know that there’s no right or wrong to how you experience the world around you. Your movement is up to you. If you want to move and respond in your body, go for it. If you want to find community and comfort, go for it. If you need a friendly voice, speak up. Let your loved ones know.

Your Choice

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, October 1, 2017 edition: Your Choice

New day, new weekend, new month, new quarter — And yet, it’s still just TODAY. How is your today going? Are you moving in new ways that we can celebrate? Are you finding a new way to rest and be okay with that? Have you made YOUR choices about movement, and been able to break old habits or old voices telling you “should” when now you get to pick instead?

Cheerleaders are here for you. You are so worth it.

Core Strength

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, September 28, 2017 edition: Core Strength

Possibly the most common remark I hear from people who are considering new movement habits is, “I need to work on my core.” That can mean different things to different people, but it usually encompasses building strength throughout the torso.

Each body is different. You may notice a different “core” based on which activity you are pursuing. How do you measure the efforts needed to build up your core strength?

Perhaps you could start with “fake situps” in various positions. Try sitting on the edge of a bed. See how far back you can lean to the point where your abdominal muscles really kick in. Then sit back up to your normal posture. Lean back, sit tall. Lean back, sit tall. Even a set of ten repetitions may be enough for you feel the effects of your work. Try again as if you were rotated around to place an object on the bed behind you, engaging your side muscles (obliques). You could do these “fake situps” every morning when you sit down to put on shoes and socks.

If you’re already active, which core muscles are needed for your favorite activities? Are you a dancer? Swimmer? Rock-climber? Runner? Which activities do you need additional strength for? What habits and repetitions could you add to your routine to build that core?

Today could be a day for working on your “core” muscles, whichever ones you consider core to the activities you want to pursue. How will you move today?

Keep Moving

Daily Movement Prompts, September 27, 2017 edition: Keep Moving

What keeps you moving? What makes you get back up again when you’ve dropped off the radar for a spell of time?

  • Sometimes it can be the view
  • Sometimes it can be the company
  • Sometimes it can be the long term goal
  • Sometimes it can be a renewed sense of energy

When I think of times that I dropped out, took time off, stopped pursuing habits, or forgot where I was going, in these times I’m grateful that “This Too Shall Pass.”

I can keep moving. I can get up and try again. I can look forward and see another view. And I can look for partners to help me get there.

How about you? Where are you in your daily movement habits?

Seven Words

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, September 15, 2017

I was reading an article in which the person participating in a variety of workouts quotes her trainer who said, “I want to see if you can do XYZ…” And that was a turning point for her. Those seven words, “I want to see if I can…” changed her outlook on her movement and activities.

Someone was recently quizzing me about my various athletic interests and they were completely baffled about why I would ever want to do running long distances. And I said, “Because I want to personally see if I can do a ‘Big Thing’ that I set out to do.” There’s no particular reason for some of my interests. They are completely rooted in, “I wonder if I can.”

And it goes beyond wondering. Picking a challenge for myself and pursuing it for myself can give me a strong sense of personal accomplishment. It’s not for the Instagram hits or the blog posts, but just because I want to see if I can.

How are you moving today? How are you moving tomorrow? Is there something you’d like to see yourself do?

Stretch to Start

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, September 10, 2017 edition: Stretch to Start

So many movement types start with literal stretching. Runners stretch, dancers stretch, swimmers stretch… Nearly everyone has a warm up and stretch before starting their workout, movement, or activity. Have you ever considered figurative stretches as part of your starting routine?

What would be a “stretch” for you to accomplish or try? Would it be a stretch to start a specific yoga pose? weight lifting technique? hiking route? new dance move? repetitive muscle targets like pull-ups or squats or planks?

What movement do you have planned for today? What rest or recovery are you embracing? What would be the a stretch for you to start?