Forgotten Treasures

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, May 12, 2017 edition: Forgotten Treasures

What movement choices have you had grand plans to work on and then forgotten about in the course of day to day living? Have you set plans on paper and then gotten distracted? Did you think, “I will wake up early!” Or, “I can do this when I get home?”

Compare these to the tasks you set out to do that you *were* successful with. What’s different? How did you find success in those other movements? How can you set yourself up to succeed again?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Move, Just Move

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, May 10, 2017 edition: Move, Just Move

Move, just move. Do you ever feel like that could be your mantra? It might get you through those last miles on your long training runs. It might get you out of bed when you’re exhausted. It might get you up that last flight of stairs. It might get you to the end of a long dance set. It might get you to finish those last reps on the latest workout.

Or it might be the mantra that gets you up when you haven’t been moving lately.

Whether you need to break a cycle of indecision or immobility, or if you need the strength to get to the end of your last press of energy, let us know how we can cheer you on for your efforts. And if you need to choose to rest and/or recover, then embrace it. Claim it. It’s *your* personal choice. And we got ‘yer back.

Personal Choices

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, May 6, 2017 edition: Personal Choices

I was thinking about the odd question, “Are you doing healthy things for yourself?” and I started to wonder if that places odd pressure on us. First, not everything we do is necessarily “healthy” since that word can be subjective.

Maybe‚Äč you love an extreme sport. Is it “healthy” to risk injuries? Maybe someone else in your sport has to choose shorter routes or workout times or easier slopes … Because *your* body is at a different skill level than their body. The “safe” route for your skills could be too extreme for the newcomer. So if they did your workout, it would be unsafe, maybe even unhealthy.

Or your internal systems could be wildly different from other people. You could be allergic to one ingredient, making this food choices here an unhealthy choice for *you.* Or you have survived surgery or sickness or cancer… Your “healthy” is not the same as mine.

And this is where I propose maybe we ask a different question. “Are you pleased with YOUR personal choices today?” Because then we reinforce the personal nature of our movement choices. And remove the comparison, competition pressure. And refuse to allow shame to be a motivator.

And then I can also ask this IN THE CONTEXT of my other choices. My body today could be feeling different from yesterday. So my choices *today* matter for today.

How are you feeling about your personal choices today? How will you move? How will you rest? What’s next?

Good Days, Bad Days

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, May 4, 2017 edition: Good Days, Bad Days

Do you summarize how your body is feeling as “today is a good day” or “today is a bad day” for some injury or recovery marker? Since my knee has varying levels of pain, this has been a constant for me.

How do you approach your bad days? Do you give yourself freedom to accept the current state? Do you allow more time for movement or more time for rest? Do you ever catch yourself beating yourself up in my mind?

How will you move today? Is today a Good Day or a Bad Day?

Value of Time

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, May 2, 2017 edition: Value of Time
Do you find yourself wondering “where did the time go?” It’s already the second day of May, what did I do for April? Do you set loose plans and find it hard to follow-through? Or was that the old habit and then you found methods to complete the work you wanted to do for your movement habits?
How are you valuing your time? Do you prioritize getting up and moving? Are you hiking, walking, running, climbing? Are you swimming, riding, dancing, practicing, rehearsing? Have you been stretching, doing drills, completing routines, engaging in movement activities?
How will you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

(Good) Recommendations From Friends

Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, May 1, 2017 edition: (Good) Recommendations From Friends

I am endlessly amused at the wild variety of advice we can get over the years about movement or exercise. Some of it may have been solicited advice, although to varying degrees of usefulness. And of course, most unsolicited advice seems high on the useless factor.

But sometimes our friends, family, or network acquaintances have *great* advice and recommendations that we loved. What recommendations have you received for movement or activity that totally worked for you? What advice or tips are you happy to second and endorse?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?


Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, April 28, 2017 edition: Listening

When we move, it can be important to listen to our bodies. How aware are you of listening to the state of your muscles and joints? Do you take the time to really pay attention when you move?

How do you respond to aches or pains? How do you respond to illness or exhaustion? Do you listen? Do you adjust? Do you move in spite of the aches and pains? Do you tune them out?

And then, in a literal fashion, what do you listen *to* while moving? Can you recommend any music or podcasts or programs that inspire you, that you could share with us?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

Daily Check Ins

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, April 27, 2017 edition: Daily Check Ins

How many of you have someone you check in with daily? A friend, a community, a partner, a coach, a mentor? Do you think about your movement each day? Do you have someone with whom you are accountable?

Has that accountability helped you with making those movement choices? Has missing accountability made your personal motivation that much more difficult? Are *you* someone else’s accountability partner?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

All the “Shoulds”

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, April 25, 2017 edition: All the “Shoulds”

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I *should* be doing XYZ…” about some type of exercise? Who says? What “should” phrases have you been carrying around?

As I see it, you are the one who gets to decide what to do with your body. Now if you *want* to gain a skill or recover from an injury, it is likely that an instructor, coach, doctor, or therapist will tell you what you should do for that goal. Then it is up to you to find the follow through.

How many “Shoulds” are in your life that you actually want to pursue? How are you encouraging yourself? How are you giving yourself the elements you need for success? Are you scheduling time for the things you want to do? Have you found supportive teammates?

And have you started to drop the “shoulds” that are heavy pressure you don’t want to be part of? Are any of the “shoulds” part of old patterns, shame, or society pressure?

May I suggest you pick an activity that you believe in, that you WANT to do, and schedule time to do it soon? Tomorrow, this week, whatever fits best. I would love to cheer you for your success.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?

So Much to Learn

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday, April 23, 2017 edition: So Much to Learn

There’s a phenomenon called the Dunning-Kruger effect in which people who are unskilled in something (a) over-estimate their skill level, (b) do not recognize their lack of skill, (c) are not good at gauging others’ skill levels, (d) and only ever realize the problem after they finally get training in the skill. When I think about college training, I remember how we often felt, “the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know!”

How you experienced that in any of the movement styles you pursue? Learned enough to suddenly realized how much more there is to learn? How did that affect you? Did you feel inspired? Were you frustrated? Did you choose to do something else? There’s nothing wrong with different responses. I think we respond differently at various stages in our lives.

Where are you currently? Are you learning something new? Are you encouraged? Are you frustrated? Are you digging in to learn more?

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?