Pick a Focus

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday July 27, 2017 edition: Pick a Focus

Normally, I would insist that I am the poster child for multi-tasking and variety in pursuits. But even though I love to “learn all the things!” I know that I still have to pick what I will focus when it’s time to work on a movement.

In a recent class, I wanted my students to learn a specific leading skill. I reduced the number of moves they could dance, and had them drill the new transitions. At the end of the class, instead of dripping with sweat from a heavy workout, we all felt like we’d spent an hourĀ getting smarter. Rather than focus on a move, they came away with a focus on a team skill.

Any workout, drill, rehearsal, exercise session, or outing could be an opportunity for you to focus. What have you been focusing on? Have you been doing your activities with any special mindfulness? What could you focus on today?

How will you move today?