Sending Encouragement

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, June 20, 2017 edition: Sending Encouragement

Have you ever had a friend check in with you out of the blue and it really made your day? It might be a text, a phone call, a silly sticker on a Facebook page, or maybe they live locally and they dropped in for tea or coffee. Those little connections can really make all the difference in the world.

How about you? Have you done this for someone lately? Is there someone in your circles of family or friends or even just casual acquaintances who you could encourage? Specifically, I was thinking about the kind of encouragement that acknowledges their uniqueness and how they are special to you. Maybe they’ve been struggling to get out and move. Maybe they’ve been overcoming obstacles and really making a dent in life. Maybe they’ve encouraged you to get moving, and you’d like to say thank you. Maybe they seem to have life all together, but you just want to give them a high-five.

None of us is an island. Just witness why you may have joined this list in the first place: You were interested in being prompted to keep moving, keep growing, keep improving.

Who can you send encouragement to today? You don’t even need to tell anyone. You can support someone in secret and just be that bright spot in someone’s day. I’d like to encourage you and prompt you today to be the person who reaches out.

Go. Put a smile on someone’s face. And just maybe this might be the connection that improves part of the world today. I am fairly certain the world could use it.