Set up for Success

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, May 18, 2017 edition: Set up for Success

So many people have been sharing great motivational ideas that keep them going. I really like, “Don’t wait. Just start.” from one of our readers. It makes me wonder what makes me jump up and get things done versus the times when I put things off and choose something else.

In one respect, I love giving myself the *freedom* to make my own choices. No pressure, no shame, I choose how and when I move. But at the same time, I *desire* to make additional movement choices as a pattern, so how can I set myself up for success?

Make things easy: like packing tomorrow’s before bed or putting workout clothing in my car. Make things enjoyable: like stocking up on additional podcasts on my iPod or creating good music playlists. Make things scheduled and routine: like weekly classes or calendar reminders that pop-up on my phone. Make things less lonely: like having accountability partners to share my success and my challenges.

How are you set up for success? How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?