Shimmy Drills

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday November 4, 2016 edition:

NEW VIDEO – CaySwann Dance: Level One Shimmy Drill [private video only for CaySwannDance members]

This is a short drill and it might be hard to follow at first because there are not very big cues. I am demonstrating LOTS OF SHIMMIES — some are half-time shimmies, some are full-time shimmies on flat feet, some are full-time shimmies on the toes. Occasionally I used an Arabic to give my arms a break. But this is one way you can drill working those hips and then those toes.

Of course, this drill is designed to be very different from the seated, arms-only drill. I hope you enjoy the challenge to shimmy for about 2.5 minutes!

The music is the song “NaeNae” by the artist FrontJunk from the album “Muse Melodic.”