Small Accomplishments

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, July 19, 2017: Small Accomplishments

After some nagging pains and stressful days, my dance partner and I had an awesome working rehearsal this evening. I felt like I was floating on our accomplishments afterwards.

What is it about small accomplishments that can lift our spirits? Sometimes, it can be simply getting chores done at home which frees up some time for the exercise or rehearsal or movement I wanted to go do. Sometimes it’s a sense of just showing up for the workout I needed. Other times it can be an exhausted conclusion, “At least I didn’t die doing this,” or simply, “at least I lasted as long as I did.”

Have you found a small achievement today or this week? Have you paused to acknowledge, “Hey, I *did* accomplishment something,” and that’s worth your thankfulness?

How have you moved today? How will you move tomorrow?