Starting and Stopping and Non-judgment

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, November 29 edition: Let’s talk about Starting and Stopping and Non-judgment for a moment.

I am going to guess that we each have had times where we *totally* got things done. We danced. We went to class. We drank and ate well. We fairly skipped through our days.

And then something happened. Holidays, work, stress, injury, lack of interest, weariness… And whether slowly or suddenly, we were no longer moving much.

What did it take to get through that time? What helped kick start new movement or motivation later? Partners? Community? Free time? Scheduled classes or gym memberships? Resolutions?

Or are you still in slump? Are you too embarrassed to try? Or feeling down for not “doing enough” to change? Or are you unsure how to start? Is the lack of momentum your big hurdle?

How about this, we each find a way to say, “Here’s where I am at, today.” And then together, we can be okay with today’s status. Cheer each other on for that acknowledgement. And decide for Personal Movement that suits *YOU* today.

Who can describe their current state? Who can tell us one action you’ve taken to pursue your goals?