Staying the Course

Daily Movement Prompts, Saturday, March 11, 2017 edition: Staying the Course
When you get frustrated, what’s your normal response? How about when you REALLY REALLY get angry and frustrated, especially at yourself? How do you cope? Seriously, what are you best methods for dealing with some of your worst, most dark days?
Do you curl up and quit for a while? Do you cry? Do you shout? Do you call a friend? Do you go off and spend time alone? Do you switch gears? Do you re-evaluate? Do you throw yourself into work? Do you find busy work instead? Do you ignore warning signals and push through too hard?
Each of us deals with frustration, really bone-crushing disappointment, in different ways. And when we’re ready to start to deal with things, we can find people in our lives who can help us cope and put it back together again.
If you’re struggling, here’s the method I typically rely on. And I hope it might be some help. Think of a strength in your life. There is something you are *really* good at. Hold on to that strength like a treasure. And when you’re feeling hopeless, your strengths can be reminders that not everything is lost.
If you’ve had something that worked for you, and if you feel comfortable sharing it, there might be some folks who could use some ideas. You never know who you might be helping.
Just wishing some of the very best for each of you today, no matter where you are in struggles or triumphs lately.