Toes and Ankles and Balance

Lookee there! You had yesterday off from any Prompts! How was your Saturday? Did you drill any dance? Did you take a rest day?

Daily Movement Prompts, Sunday November 6 edition: Toes and Ankles and Balance

How are your feet doing lately? Have you done any toes/feet exercises lately? Let’s put on a song and do some of those warm up exercises from class, rising while keeping balance, good posture, and a relaxed smile on our faces. Try both feet together, one in front, and the other in front. Try stepping right, left, right, left on your toes. Try keeping both feet at the same level (rather than one high, one low, like a trotting horse mime).

Here’s a song suggestion: “Kako Kolan” from Helm and Fat Chance on the album “Tribal Spirit.”

Let me know how this suggestion worked for your home rehearsal time.