Using a Camera

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, January 27, 2017 edition: Using a Camera

Today, I’ve taken some time to study several rehearsal videos from other dancers. I also assembled a list of performance videos for a dance community. It got me thinking about how we might be using cameras for our movement practices.

Do you take photos of your yoga poses to see improvement over time? Have you used video to examine your techique in dance, running, climbing, swimming, or lifting weights? Do you take a camera with you on walks, so capture some of the beauty while you’re out (maybe to encourage you later when you’re trapped inside)? Have you been inspired by photos or videos from other movement practitioners? Have you used photos or videos for reference material and learning?

Even if the photos or videos were kept private, how could you use a camera to help inspire you or improve your movement choices? Or are your movement choices very specifically outside the realm of camera opportunities?

How are you moving today?