Weekend Edition — September 21-22, 2019

Daily Movement Prompts Weekend Edition — September 21-22, 2019. Have you ever asked a friend to help remind you to get something done? “Ooo, don’t let me forget to do XYZ.” How did you feel when your friend supported you? Reminded you of the thing you wanted to do? What about the reverse? Had a friend asked you to help them remember? How did you feel when you were there for them?

Some of us definitely have that relationship here. We look to each other to remind us, we LIKE how it feels to move again! So please consider this the reminder you were looking for. The reminder that your choices, your movement choices AND your resting choices, are really something you wanted to have in your life. Just like how many of us are happy to have this community remind us how much we love moving and pursuing our goals. 💜💙❤️