When and Why

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, September 2, 2017 edition: When and Why

It seems to me that choosing to pursue movement or activity or exercise comes down to two primary questions for me: When and Why? Will I pursue a movement right now? or slightly later? And why will I move? Is it something I want to enjoy in the moment? or am I planning for a goal?

I’ve been reading the auto-biography from Col. Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut who went on three trips to space, including once as the Commander of the International Space Station. From the time he was nine years old, he wanted to be an astronaut. But even though that did not seem likely, he went for pursuits “to make him ready, just in case.”

My movement choices are not to be an astronaut or an Olympic athlete. So why do I want to move? How do I want to move? When will I move? Will I get up and go for a walk or a run? Will I schedule a dance rehearsal? Will I take up a plank challenge? Will I do my knee exerices from physical therapy? Will I take a break and finally get enough sleep?

What are the motivating questions that steer your movement choices? Why do you want to move? When will you move? Will you move today? Or is today important for rest and recovery?