When People Don’t Listen

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, February 15, 2017 edition: When People Don’t Listen

Do you ever want to just smack your forehead when people aren’t listening to you? You may ask for advice on a SPECIFIC thing, and then everyone gives advice on everything BUT that item. Or you may just be ranting about a situation, and everyone wants to give you wild advice that’s completely unrelated.

Totally happened, right?

I hope that each of us is learning (a) to find the community that listens to use when we ask questions or when we just want to share our experience and (b) how to NOT be “that guy” which isn’t listening and basically talks just about themselves.

Are you in need of someone to listen to you? To really HEAR what you have to say or ask? Or are you ready to be that support to someone else?

How do you plan to move today?