When the Crazy Brain Cuts In

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, January 18, 2017 edition: When the Crazy Brain Cuts In

I am about to fly to San Francisco for almost a week with around 300+ dancers. And while I did tons of tasks before my deadlines, I did not manage to set aside time for one task and have to just accept things are the way they are. Then my flight was cancelled and I found myself with an extra 3+ hours at home, waiting for the next flight. The crazy brain immediately wanted to DO ALL THE THINGS that weren’t done.

Do you ever have an unrealistic brain that is over excited and suggests wild over-achiever activities to you? Maybe you’ve been sick and tried to tough it out (and ended up sicker). Or maybe you skipped sleep to accomplish “all the things” (and been exhausted, suffering later from that choice). Or set a really high goal and went for it, even when you body sent every signal that this is a bad idea?

How do you combat the crazy brain? I have been saying all morning, “That’s nice dear,” and refusing to make a huge mess in the house just for my crazy brain. I need my body’s energy to pace itself through Monday. I can only hope I stay successful at keep the crazies at bay.

How are you moving today?