Wishes and Habits

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, December 21, 2016 edition: Wishes and Habits

Some days I think the reason “new year’s resolutions” don’t really work for many people is that they are “new year’s wishes.” You might wish to be more flexible.You might “resolve” to be more flexible. But what habits would it take to *become* more flexible?

Sometimes the struggle may include understanding which habits or measurable goals you could work towards. You might need to research appropriate poses or stretches that will give you incrementally improved flexibility. You might need to consult with a professionally trained physical therapist or coach or doctor. You might need some suggestions about a regimen schedule that will work with your body. Or you might need to set measurable goals that seem unconventional. Turning those wishes into habits (and in the long run, into your achievable goals) can be something you work on daily (or nearly daily).

Which wishes are you turning into habits right now?