Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, April 6, 2017 edition: Accessibility

When people talk, you will catch phrases like, “As long as you’re healthy” or “As long as you’re working on your health.” I stopped someone today who said that about herself. I replied it does not matter if she is healthy or “working on” her health.

You are under NO OBLIGATION to “try” to be healthy. And beyond just the first level of understanding, that unhealthy people still deserve our respect, there is something presumptive about saying everyone should try to become healthier.

Any person could have a different baseline for what is possible for movement. Finances affect accessibility to various activities. Your current body can affect what movement habits are possible. Age, injury, and illness affects our movement. Brain chemistry changes things drastically.

It can be very important to remember that your baseline is not in competition with anyone else’s or even past-you. When you make your movement choices, please give yourself the freedom to accept your current circumstances.

What movement is accessible to you today?