Another Thousand Steps

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, February 8, 2017 edition: Another Thousand Steps

Many of my friends are committed to tracking their steps. And for years, I was definitely committed to my FitBit as well as logging various activities into Fitocracy. But outside of literal tracking, each morning I wonder to myself about how my day will go, and occasionally at the end of the day I look how it went. (Other times I collapse without much thought beyond setting my alarms.)

Today, I have been contemplating what it takes just to “keep going” when there are struggles in my day or in my environment. Sometimes this is an emotional response to the world around me, other times to the relationships in my life, and yet other times a physical response to a “bad pain day” or a work schedule that crushes my every intention to get away from a computer.

Regardless how a “death by a thousand cuts” might sneak up on you or a looming path where you might feel frustrated there’s still another thousand steps to go, I wanted to simply remind you this: You are worthy. You deserve respect and affection and love. And no matter what your next thousand steps look like, just know that you are worthy.

That’s all. And sometimes, that’s everything.