Body and Heart

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, October 2, 2017 edition: Body and Heart

Some days, the feelings that fill your heart can make you want to curl up in the body. Other times, it’s hard to even know when or how to move your body again, when the heart is broken or overflowing. Other times, there could be rage and frustration. There are days when this will prompt the body to move as a coping mechanism, an outlet for the passionate feelings. Yet other days, the heart could be numb. There could be no feelings left, no body response, no methods for coping.

No matter where your heart is today, no matter how your body is responding today, know that there’s no right or wrong to how you experience the world around you. Your movement is up to you. If you want to move and respond in your body, go for it. If you want to find community and comfort, go for it. If you need a friendly voice, speak up. Let your loved ones know.