Celebrate Success

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, June 8, 2017 edition: Celebrate Success

You have plans. You may have even scheduled some of the steps to achieve your goals. You show up, you do some activity or movement, you can log your success in an app, on a calendar, or just in your memory and in your heart.

How do you celebrate your successes? Do you allow yourself to appreciate your achievements? Or do you brush off your work with any excuses? Do you compare yourself to others and depreciate your work as “not as good” as theirs? Do you even stop and ponder your achievements?

I’d like to suggest that today you pick your activity or movement of the day. Show up. Do what you plan to do. Then find a way to *celebrate* that daily achievement. Do a little happy dance. Pat yourself on the back. Take a photo of yourself smiling. You don’t even have to post the imageĀ  (although that might be fun)… but capture a sense of success. It just might help you keep going on the tough days.

And if today is not filled with success, that’s okay too. You can schedule rest and recovery as an *intentional* act of care for yourself. Celebrate that you *did it* — you rested, you pursued your recovery, you are anticipating this choice paying off in the long run.

How will you move today? How will you celebrate your success today?