Checking In

Daily Movement Prompts, Friday, March 17, 2017: Checking In

Do you have any folks who take a close interest in the activities you love? Do they check in with you to see how you’re doing? Do they ask how your running has been? How were your last few climbs? How’s the swimming been? Are you still dancing? How’s that going? Didn’t you start a boxing class? Tell me more about the Tai Chi you study. Oooo, how’s fencing been going lately? Have you been riding lately? How did that pole class go? Or your aerial yoga? How’s that adult acrobatics going? Are you still doing water aerobics? How’s your yoga been?

Do you have friends who tell you about their exciting movement adventures? Have you checked in to see how they’ve been lately? Or do you know someone in recovery from illness or injury? Have you called up to see how they’re doing?

Sometimes it is *so* much easier to head to the gym or go for that walk or do one more flight of stairs if your friends are supportive of your pursuits. And *you* can be that support for someone else. Maybe today or this weekend is a good time to see how folks are doing, maybe give them some encouragement. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

How are you moving lately?