Current Small Goals

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, May 16, 2017: Current Small Goals
What are your current running “small” goals? The little steps that are working towards your big dreams? Maybe you have a long-distance bicycling goal, so you get on your bike 3x per week. Or maybe you want to earn the next belt in your martial arts form, so you are working through drills and assignments from class. Or maybe you recently endured a bout of illness or an injury, so you are doing specific therapy stretches or are having to increase your sleep to improve your health and recovery.
We celebrated some awesome achievements in the last post. Now I’d like to encourage the repeatably small steps that you are building on. Or, if you haven’t set some small, repeatable activities for your movement, is there something you’d like to start working on? What level of accountability would you like from the #MovementPrompts community?