Day by Day

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday, March 15, 2017 edition: Day by Day

There are some tasks in my life that go unnoticed as things I do everyday. I wake, I shower, I put on deodorant, I get dressed. I don’t think about this too much, unless it’s doing laundry to ensure there *are* clothes for morning or going shopping if the deodorant has gotten low. I set my alarms at night and I’m never sure if I’ll hear the alarm, wake before the alarm, or accidentally sleep past the alarm. But my morning routine doesn’t take much thought for me. I’m fortunate. I know that I’m not battling depression, or caring for small children, or coping with unreliable transportation, or shaky housing situations. My employment is stable and my needs are well provided.

“Finding Time and Energy” for exercise or movement can be an act of privilege for me. I have the freedom to add extra things into my life because shelter, clothing, food, employment, and transportation are reliable. My neighborhood is mostly safe. I only occasionally worry about my safety as a woman (with several social privileges).

Your day might be similar to mine or it might be *radically* different. Having the freedom to add exercise and movement in your day might be a luxury. You might be dealing with mobility issues, injuries (large or small), chronic pain, depression, financial struggles, medication changes or lack of access. Your housing or domestic circumstances could have uncertainty or frustration.

Have you given yourself any leeway when trying to plan movement day by day? If you’re under pressure, do you pile more on yourself? Or are you kind to yourself about the realities of your current circumstances?

As you face today, I give thanks that I’ve had the good fortune to be able to share some thoughts with you. And I can only ask that you are kind to yourself, you recognize the pressures in your life, and you can find some comfort in your day.