Decide for Yourself

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, July 20, 2017: Decide for Yourself

I think one of the most empowering ideas I came to about exercise as an adult is that I get to choose and decide for myself what movement I will pursue. While I might find it helpful to engage the advice or services of a trainer or an instructor, even the act of selecting a professional is an act of my own choosing.

Through my day, I decide when and how I can add movement. When my day involves working at a computer and a desk, it is up to me to get up for breaks, stretching, or movement. I have to decide to add extra time in the morning or evening for drills, going on a walk or a run, heading to the pool, running a workout DVD or YouTube video, going to a gym, or completing a work-out at home.

If your daily or weekly schedule seems overrun, it might be that you have some decisions to make. Can you start with something small for a while? Could you decide to take five minutes for your movement of choice? Can you set a consistency goal for that new habit? Maybe you start with five minutes daily, six times per week. After one week, you extend that to six minutes per day.

You get to decide. What decisions have you made today for pursuing movement? How will you set your own goals? How can we cheer you as you accomplish your goals?