Daily Movement Prompts, Monday, August 21, 2017 edition: Eclipses

Today, I watched a ton of footage of the eclipse on the internet and shared knowledge and information with my co-workers. There are times when my movement and activities feel similar: I might not be able to travel out to far away places, but I can share information with others.

Do you have days when you feel like your movement goals are eclipsed by life or circumstances or injury? Fortunately, this too will pass. In the meantime, I like to imagine that these crescent-shaped bits of light are like disco-ball light sparkles, inviting me to dance.

Whether you personally witnessed the sun blocked by the moon, saw photos of it, or watched crescent-shaped sparkles on the ground, I hope that you found some simple joy today in the experience. And whether today is a day to get up and move your boday, or maybe just a day to enjoy tales about movement and cheer for others, I hope you find some joy today in movement and in rest.