Embracing Basics

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, February 9, 2017 edition: Embracing Basics

I will admit: I love getting caught up watching YouTube videos with professional artists. I have watched dozens of clips about professional ballerinas, how they manufacture toe shoes, how stage tutus are pieced together and sewn, what the daily life of a company ballerina is like, how many hours they spend in class (long before their rehearsals and evening shows), and how they deal with injury, recovery, strength and flexibility training. I can watch countless clips of gymnasts of all ages learning to work on new skills, building solid foundations of their existing skills, or breaking down old habits into new ones. Yesterday I caught myself watching a dozen video clips on Instagram of calligraphers practicing their work different sized pens, different inks, new paper, glitter, embossing powder, or just new lettering ideas.

I love Basics and Fundamentals.

Some days I wonder when will I be able to teach the more advanced skills in my ATS bellydance courses, and I am so excited for my various intermediate dancers who are hungering for their next moves. But I still adore embracing the Fundamentals and learning to deepen my understanding of them.

What basics are part of your movement of choice? Do you have a yoga routine that stretches back to the first time you learned various poses? Do you still have a kata or Tai Chi pattern or other martial arts routine that centers you in the first skills you studied? Do you have a running route that feels like a comfortable basic where you can really pay attention to your form? Are there swimming routines that you use to get yourself in the groove?

What basics could you drill today or pay attention to? How will you move today? And if today is a rest and recovery day, what studies or mental patterns could you embrace to help with your understanding of basics? Do you ever “practice” entirely in your head?

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