Getting Back on the Horse

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, June 1, 2017 edition: Getting Back on the Horse

Greetings, friends! I hope you’ve been doing well this week. I took a long weekend vacation over Memorial Day (here in the States), and have been thinking today about what it takes to get back into a routine when you’ve been away. Some techniques that work for me include the following.

  • Going to a specific class: The regularity of classes help me find patterns again. There’s the specificity of a classroom location, a repeating appointment on my calendar, and other participants to help me feel *part* of the exercise or drills again.
  • Creating routine on my own calendar: I love reminders that pop-up on my phone. They provide just enough reminder incentive as well as the flexibility to postpone the activity until later in the day (or tomorrow, if need be).
  • Having a correspondence buddy: Some of you already know that having someone to check in with can be very helpful.

What works for you? How are you moving today? Do you need a suggestion for what movement to try? How about this one: Put on a song that you love. Sit for the first verse and move your arms in every direction you can think of. At the first chorus, stand up and stretch and move. When the music returns to the verse or maybe goes into the bridge, lift your feet and step as quickly as you can to the music. As the chorus returns and fades to the end, return to your seat and move in every direction like a cool down stretch.

See? You did it. Now go be awesome.