How do you like to get warm?

Daily Movement Prompts, Wednesday November 30, 2016 edition: How do you like to get warm?

Anyone else cold today in southern CA? Anyone else in other locations feeling the winter weather? How do you like to get warm? Do you have trouble getting moving when you’re cold?

I’m FROZEN today. I’m downright shivering and warming my hands on the exhaust of my laptop. It’s all nice and good to *think* about getting up and jumping around to get warm, but I’m almost too cold to want to move.

And that’s just silly. I know that moving warms me up and makes me feel better. AND I’m having a great knee day today, if I’m honest about it. I teach tonight, so I know there’s *some* movement coming later. But I would likely benefit from jumping up right now. So, I’m having fond thoughts about reporting in to this group, “I did it! I got up and moved even though I was frozen.” I have a feeling this alone might be the motivation I need to stop shivering.

How about you? How are you feeling today? And is anyone feeling better after having gotten up and done some intentional movement? Let’s here how your day is going!