Identifying with the Group (or Not)

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, February 28, 2017 edition: Identifying with the Group (or Not)

It’s possible that each of us has, at one time or another, found ourselves thinking, “Oh, that is totally me. I understand that feeling.” And other times when we look around and think, “Wait, am I the only one? How is it no one else here feels like this?” Have you had that moment of really identifying with the group sharing your movement of choice? Or felt completely like the oddball, even though you all participate in the same activity?

I was listening to a conference call recently, and I was remembering how various communities made participants feel okay about chiming in about how they either connected or felt different. And I really benefitted when folks chimed in from each perspective. Sometimes, it made me feel a sense of belonging. Other times, it made me better aware of how to make people feel included, even when we experienced things differently.

Not every one experiences your favorite movement the way you do. Dance, yoga, Tai chi, swimming, running, cycling, climbing, or even just going for walks — we each have slightly different motivations or reasons to love our activities. Some participants feel the way we do. Some are very, very different from us. I like variety, and it reminds me to pay attention to individuals. Because your experience is valid for YOU. And my experience is valid for ME.

How have you moved lately? How have you felt connected or different from some of your community of movers?