Indoor, Outdoor, Morning, and Evening

Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, January 12, 2017:

Indoor, outdoor, morning, evening… Which ones are the times and places you gravitate towards? Which would be your *preference* if all things could be perfect?

I *LOVE* being in fresh air, and I actually enjoy mornings very much. And while I am grateful that my drought-stricken southern California is getting rain this season, it has seriously hampered my interest in going out for walks or dancing outdoors. I just don’t own the proper shoes or jackets to deal with cold and wet.

I love a nice dance studio, but there is a balance for heat versus cold versus stuffy versus fans in order to enjoy a dance space while your body heats up and you sweat. I would love to swim more often, and I even tried in college to swim regularly in the ocean… But it is *COLD* most of the year.

And I just don’t have the energy to work out late, so mornings would be better… Except for Los Angeles traffic, commuting, and nerdy day jobs that afford me the security to do the things I love.

How do you prefer to move? How do you overcome weather, time of day obligations, and access to favorite places for movement?