Internal Voice

Daily Movement Prompts, Tuesday, June 13, 2017 edition: Internal Voice

This topic might make a few of us squirm a bit. Imagine for a moment that you’re talking with a friend who’s feeling down about themselves. They have nothing but harsh words for themselves about whether they are moving, how they are feeling, what they are not accomplishing. You really care about this friend. So you might encourage them to look for what they *can* do, what they are *already* accomplishing, and not to throw out all their good efforts just because they aren’t being picked as one of NASA’s next astronauts.

Now, flip this around. What if that’s not your friend who’s getting down on themselves, what if that’s your internal voice? Would you let your friend beat themselves up the way your internal voice sometimes does? Are you harsh on yourself about whether or not you’re “doing enough” to reach your goals?

Just like you would reach out to your loved ones and give them comfort and encouragement, how could you use that same loving impulse to give yourself some encouragement?

And if that’s really just too hard to do some days, I hope you can give yourself this message — even if today is too hard, this too shall pass.

I know that I enjoy being able to hear about your small successes and efforts — you encourage me just by being you.

How did you move today? How will you move tomorrow?