Daily Movement Prompts, Thursday, August 17, 2017 edition: Interruptions

Things pop up in our lives that interrupt our plans for consistency. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, sickness, injury, trips to the hospital or doctor or therapist. News cycles that can spike anxiety or depression or action and organization. Work emergencies. Family emergencies. Weather disasters. Financial strain.

And you know what? That’s okay. We are interrupted all the time. And that’s okay. You’re not being judged whether you can stay even-keeled through all the ups and downs in life.

You might use movement to add consistency where there has been none. You might embrace the down-time between activities for rest and recovery. You might find new community to share emotional support when things are rough. You might find a calling that takes you in a new direction.

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts, frustrated, frightened, angry, bewildered, or lost — please reach out to someone you trust. If you want to share in this community, please do. If you need an extra hug (even virtually), please know you are invited. This hug is for you.

And if you need to jump up and down, jump away my friends. Shake your hands over your head. Scream into the long night. Lie flat on the floor and feel the weight. Stretch long and curl up tight. Move and shake and dance and rest again. It’s okay. I know I’m in need of a good sweat and a good nap, all at the same time.