Just One Thing

“It’s hard to get motivated.” Have you heard yourself say that? “I forgot that I wanted to fit this in my schedule.” Or the other killer comment, “I didn’t realize I had stopped. I just got busy with other things.”

Pssst, now is the time you stop and ask, “Am I specifically in recovery from injury or illness? Or is today specifically a rest day between activity days?” If you are specifically in rest or recovery today, this is your chance to cheer for yourself! You chose rest! You chose recovery! Good on ya! Keep up the choices to rest and recover! Avoid new injuries! Avoid feeling like shame should be any motivation technique!

Okay, the rest of us: You have just identified that you are *not* specifically in rest or recovery today. Here’s my question: Have you done “Just One Thing” in your own choice that was for Movement Today? Sure, it can be more than one thing. Did you move? Was it your body? Then it counts! Planned or Incidental, you moved! Go you!

Now, those of us who still have not answered in the affirmative: Do you *want* to move today? If the answer is, “No thanks,” then own that! You absolutely can choose to not move! Go you, making your OWN choices.

But if you read this far and you haven’t moved yet today and you WANT to move today, have you tried to do “Just One Thing” yet? Many you enjoy walking. You could go walk for 5-20 minutes (or set your own walk length). Many of you are dancers. You could put on just one song and get up to do your drills or rehearsal. Many of you enjoy yoga and/or stretching. You too could put on some music or turn off the equipment around you or go into a quiet space and do just one series of poses or stretches.

Some of you have Martial arts practices. Perhaps you could go through a kata or a drill or some practices. Some of you are swimmers. Do you have access to your pool? Could you go do one set of laps? Some of you cycle or run. Could you pause and spend 20 minutes in your preferred activity?

Some of you have Physical Therapy routines. Could you stop and do some of those exercises?

Today. Just One Thing.

What did you accomplish?